James B Stiehl MD MBA



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Salem, Illinois 62881

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Email: jbstiehl@me.com

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111 East Main Street

Salem, Illinois 62881


1971- B.A., Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

1975- M.D., University of Illinois

2017- M.B.A., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Post-Graduate and Fellowship Appointments

1975-1976- Intern, University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky

1976-1980- Resident, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas

1980-1981- Fellow, University of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret Rose Hospital, 

 Edinburgh, Scotland 1981- AO Fellow, Zurich Switzerland

Faculty Appointments-

1981-1987- Clinical Instructor, St. Louis University

1987-1992- Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

1993-2008- Clinical Associate Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

Specialty Certification:

 1982 American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Licensure:  Illinois(36-52939), Missouri(532195), Texas(E7293), Wisconsin(28442)

 Fed BNDD: AS9715662  Awards Honors:

 1967 BSA Eagle Scout

 1970 Phi Kappa Phi

 1971 Summa cum laude(Millikin University)

 1975 Alpha Omega Alpha

 1975 Honors(University of Illinois College of Medicine)

 2003 Mark Coventry Research Award, Knee Society

 2013 Adrian Henry Plenary Lecture, BASK, British Orthopaedic Association

 2017 Academic Honors-Gold Cord (University of Illinois School of Business)

United States Patents:

7011664    Resection guide alignment apparatus.  Haney, MD; Stiehl JB. March 14, 2006

9017335 B2    Hip implant registration in computer assisted surgery. Stiehl JB April 28, 2015

8721595B2    Actuated self unplugging surgical sucker wand. Stiehl JB, Stiehl KR. May 13, 2014

20140148808  Tool with integrated navigation and guidance system and related apparatus and method.  Inkpen, K; Hodgson, AJ; Guy, Pierre; Atsma WJ, Lavallee S,  Stiehl JB May 29, 2014

6,493,555        StiehlTech- USPTO Trademark

6,493,556    Perilav- USPTO Trademark

1414148    Perilav- Japan Patent Office

11351272B2 Irrigation device and system for delivering pressurized fluid to same for wound lavage and biofilm control. Stieh JB, Stiehl KR, October 5, 2018

WO 2019;094136 A1

1145824332 Irrigation device and system for delivering pressurized fluid to same for wound lavage and biofilm control. Stiehl JB, Stiehl KR, August 20, 2020. 

PCT/US202010277952 A1 Rotary brush for wound care.  Stiehl JB, Stiehl KR, July 29, 2021


Memberships in Professional and Honorary Societies:

 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 

 American Medical Association

 Milwaukee County Medical Society  Wisconsin State Medical Society

 Mid America Orthopaedic Association

 Edinburgh Orthopaedic Club

 Orthopaedic Trauma Association

 AO Fellowship Alumni Association

 Milwaukee Orthopaedic Society

 Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society

 Alamo Orthopaedic Society

 Orthopaedic Research Society

 Association for Arthritic Hip and Knee Surgery

 Adult Orthopaedic Reconstruction Technique Association

 Knee Society

 Association Research Circulation Osseous

 Clinical Orthopaedic Society

 International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty

 Societe International Chiruge Orthopaede Trauma

 American Adacemy of Disability Evaluating Physicians

 International Academy of Independent Medical Examiners

Wound Healing Society

Professionbal Organization Activities:

 AAOS: Internet Committee 1999-2002; Annual Meeting Program Committee, 1999-2004; 

 Subcommittee for Hip and Knee Instruction, 2007; Publications Committee, 2007

 AORTA Founder, Treasurer 1990-1995; President 1995,1999  Publications Committee, AAHKS 1992-3

 Research Committee, AAHKS 1995

 Program Committee, AAHKS Annual Meeting, 1992,1993.

 Research Committee, AAHKS,1995-98

 AAHKS, Secretary, 2002-2008

 Government Relations Committee, AAHKS, 1998

 Communications Committee, AAHKS Chairman,1999

 Board, AAHKS, 2000-2002 

Research Contract, Grants: (Principle Investigator)

 Model for Invivo Comparison of Bone Graft.$7000

 Clinical Coordinator D.C.W., “Advantim Knee Function” Study: $27,000

 Dexa Evaluation of Infinity Modular Hip Stem: $20,000  Kinematic Analysis of the LCS Total Knee: $75,000.

 Rotation Alignment of Lower Extremity:$3500.

 Kinematic Analysis of a Bicruciate Total Knee: $75,000.

 Lower Extremity Rotational Axis Analysis: $3000.

 Total Knee Rotational Axis Alignment: $3000.

 Kinematic Analysis of The Patellofemoral Joint in TKA: $25000

 Gait Analysis Kinematics of a Mobile Bearing TKA: $50,000

 Fontal Plane TKA Kinematic Analysis: $20,000

 Hip Separation With The Anterolateral Hip Approach: $10,000

 Kinematic Comparison of Failed TKA Arthroplasty With Implant Retrieval: $110,000

Hospital Staff Membership:

 St Mary’s Hospital, Centralia, Ill, Consulting